Rules and Regulations

USA Triathlon Sanctioning

The TriColumbusGA Chattahoochee Challenge Race Series is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. We feel providing consistency across the races it paramount and sanctioning is important. What this means is that our insurance, rules and officiating will be through USAT. This will mean that all participants will need to be either an annual member of USAT or procure a one-day membership for $10 which can be purchased during registration. If you are interested, read the USAT Competitive Rules. For more information, visit the USAT website.


When you cross the finish line, the chip will be removed from your ankle immediately following the race. If you are racing in a relay, the chip will serve as you “baton” and must be exchanged between the three relay members when transitioning. Each athlete will be issued a unique timing device and is responsible for its return after the event. By picking up the timing device each athlete agrees to pay the $30 replacement cost if the device is lost or not returned. The device will be attached to you throughout the race. Your times will be recorded as you pass over mats which will electronically record your times, including transition times. It is a very accurate system. If you do not finish the race for any reason or you do not start the race, return this anklet to the finish line staff.

  • Chips are non-transferable! Be careful not to switch chips with anyone.
  • Wrap the chip anklet around your left ankle before starting the race.
  • Start in your assigned wave or risk not being scored.
  • To receive an official time, you must run or walk across the timing mats at the start line, on the course, and at the finish line.
  • Return the chip anklet to us in the corral after the finish line.